Silent Valentine

Just a quick short i made today for valentines day, no story to it, be free to interrupt it as will.

why always suicide :frowning:

I love how the video lacks completely of music, only using the sounds of the nature as the background music, it’s so peacefull and beautifull. Quite a rest to the ears actually.

Rated artistic for the original way of doing something unoriginal.

I am going to have to disagree with Raiskauskone, this is basically the EXACT same thing as Last Breath, just a bit shorter with all of the smaller plot details cut out. It was produced alright, but it’s relation to Valentine’s day confuses me. 2/5.

Simple, he suicides because his girlfriend is dead, he did say it had NO Story at all.

but yeah bit too simliar to last breath.

The similarity to last breath was intentional.

I even used the same models.


It gets a emotional response from the viewer.


Read the description.

create your own connection to valentines day.

I think the use of a gunshot with a long echo afterwards would’ve worked better than the HL2 vanilla pistol sound.

Also, the only problem I had with it was the change of ambience when it switched between the main character and the flashback sequence.
All in all, artistic. :v:

I tried to fix that, but vegas was being really really laggy.
I probably need to get a quad core CPU because im editing bigger files more and more with other things going on.

just to make you jealous. XD

Intel Core² Quad CPU Q8300 @ 2.50Ghz, 4GB RAM

but for me to upgrade my cpu to a quad i have to change my mobo, PSU because my PSU barley pulls by as it is, I also need a bigger case, so if i need to upgrade my CPU it be spending 600+ dollars on a new computer completely.
I don’t think 600 dollars is worth it just so its easier for me to edit.

my pc was £586, dunno whats that in US Dollars.

but yeah customising is cheaper.but its alot of hassle.

yeah, it be about 500-600, because I be keeping my ram, my GFX card, and HDD.

Yes, after editing a live-action film (on my DHF profile btw) in Vegas, I realized that getting a quad-core is probably required for any kind of editing in Vegas. I have a GTX 275 super OC with a mini physics processor built in, and when trying to edit live footage @ 30FPS and 17mb/s, it really does make that much of a difference. I’ll probably just throw 150$ to a Q6600 (quad 2.5), as I have an E6400 (dual 2.1) currently.

woops looks like we’re going off topic. my bad.

Found away to fix this lag.
Use source recorder.

man I just re-read my description, my dyslexia fails.

Oh my god

Perfectly sums up every ScoutKing video out there

This should be a title under his username: “I do unoriginal things the original way”

I now want that title…

You don’t need a fucking quad core, jesus christ. Get a dual core with a processing speed of 3.16+Ghz.

There is nothing original about this video. His girlfriend is dead, so he kills himself. ok. I think the only good thing in this were the filters.

Just another HD piece of shit from Scoutsking

hey man at least I don’t start a series which was dropped by another person… talk about originality you can’t even do a original series…
but hey its still a good series, but on the topic of originality you not done anything original in… well along time. well the cube was original, beside the name but i have seen that idea done…