SilkChat,MOTD and ASSMod [TTT]

OK, so I added SilkChat to my TTT server, but the messages are appearing twice. With different icons for each of them.

Using latest version of ASSMod.

On the subject of ASSMod, I added it by just adding the steam id into the workshop.vdf, but it’s not generating a folder in the addons. Is this normal?

I wanna’ add a MOTD, but not sure how, little help would be much appreciated!


not familiar with silkchat, can’t help you there – is it updated for GM13?

assmod via workshop will not create a folder in addons – it’s stored in one file. you may unpack it, or you may use the legacy version of assmod (subversion)

this subversion has plugins which include a working MOTD. have fun

Thanks, much appreciated :slight_smile:

let me know if anything is not working properly in the subversion (if you’re using it)

i should probably update it at some point