Silkicon usage

Ive been working on my Trouble in Terrorist Town server, and I want it to where everytime I use tsay, it displays a silkicon to the left of it in chat. For example, in chat whenever I use ulx tsay it will state “[silkicon] Hi”. Now I found where to manipulate the tsay to change messages and colors, but I have absolutely no idea the syntax of silkicons and things of that nature. If anyone has a link for silkicon syntax or just general help it would be appreciated, thank you.

Silkicons are images that have to be drawn by your chatbox code. If you’re using a custom chatbox, try asking the creator. If you’re using the default chatbox, then you’d have to do quite a bit of changing.

Changing in what kind of capacity? Like completely revitalizing and making a custom chatbox?

Aren’t they both the same thing? AFAIK, someone is working on a new RichText element that will support images, this should make making a new chatbox that supports smileys and icons a lot easier.

Ok, well, I appreciate the help. I probably shouldn’t of made this its own thread because I didn’t realize how simple it was(simple in concept, not so simple coding wise), but thank you.