Silly Argonian

In response to css_nerd thread. There is a lesson to be learned here. Not matter what armor and weapons you have! If you see a maiden wearing more skin that armor and all alone in the snow approaching your ambush point, let her pass.
Even someone with the brain of a pigeon will sense that there is something wrong. Sad to say, this Argonian did not have the brain of a pigeon.
He nicked that ebony armor from a bloke he found dead that also happen to lack the brain power of a pigeon.

Also ancient rusty old weaponry poses the greatest hazard. Any adventurer worth their name knows this.
Normal weapons do not stick around for that long.

Here ends the lesson.

The blood’s not too clear, looks like it’s been there a while.

That’s the best explanation for a bikini armor I’ve read.

silly argonian, everyone knows that women wear armored bikinis because your attacks will only land there.

well I guess it would be kind of anticlimactic to die of exposure before the story picks up anyways

Silly Argonian, Trix are for kids.

On her sword? Well Elena is not nr. 1 in the weapon cleaning department. She is more in the getting them messy department. Rumor has it her ancient sword soaks blood like a sponge, which is kind of creepy.

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Strange but true.

Oi, you insulting my husbando?

On topic though, nice posing, bad lighting. It could really benefit from the use of lamps to give it some color.

It is cold unforgivable winter. Not a Disney theme park. I am from Norway. I know how winters looks like. They are not colorful.
And there are two lamps and 3 light bulbs used here. Original light on the map was very flat.

Yes but it’s a gmod screenshot, real life looks pretty bland in most circumstances. Don’t need to get your panties in a twist, only trying to make the image look less bland. Shades of blue can add much eye candy without removing the feeling of cold harsh winters, especially in a fog or in the night. Or in this case, a snowstorm.

you shouldn’t sacrifice colour for realism, GMod will never look anything close to realistic unless you spend an ungodly amount of time changing the textures on every single one of your pics. it’s better to just go with what looks nicer imo

alternate title: wrpg heavy armor vs jrpg heavy armor

I don’t exactly agree that the colors need to exaggerated if you were intentionally working it to be flat like real life, but it’d certainly be more appealing and may work better if you feel that realism doesn’t add to the picture overall.

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otherwise the picture itself is very simple and funny

Umm I wasn’t. I was just explaining how 30 minus or a blizzard looks like. It is not Care Bear land.

You don’t need to make it care-bear land to make it colorful. Subtle colors can go a long way, and white, grey, and darker grey isn’t exactly appealing or anything memorable. And I wouldn’t shoot down criticism, you can’t get away with that sort of attitude here. People want to help you improve your style to make it better.[/t]

This image has good lighting and composition through using the Opposite color wheel, since opposites in color attract, but it doesn’t mean you need to use opposites.

This example shows a shade of orange to get a warm feeling (orange, yellow, and reds for warm, blues and purples for cool), and some blue would help your image feel cool while staying in the 30 below zone.

Don’t be afraid to use color, it’ll look flat and boring if you keep it like that. And I’m not saying that grey is bad, it can be used for some images to reinforce the objective, a bland grey would work well showing how boring a desk job would be, and can be used for dramatic contrast in a very dark room with a bright white light to get some interesting effects, but this image showcases combat in the snow, bland colors = bland lighting. This should be exciting,

adventuring lighting =/= desk job lighting.

There are a shit ton of examples that I can get if you wish, including movie posters (which were made to grab the viewer’s attention, rather than to have them pass it by), and even IRL photographs (which is why instragram is so popular)

I appreciate the criticism, but you couldn’t find other pictures that was even less relevant to the pose in question than these? Shit is on fire here. They are not GMod either. I know who made them.

As Marilyn Manson explained when he made the score for the first Resident Evil movie. The guitar riffs are digitized and made emotionless and cold, just like the zombies.
Guess I was aiming for the same idea. But stop over thinking this. This is just a hobby.

Doing something as a hobby isn’t an excuse to not accept suggestions, just like being a volunteer isn’t an excuse to be bad at what you do. His examples really were relevant- if you wanted a cold look you could have used a cold palette, here there’s just not much color variation and it looks bland is all he’s trying to say. If you’re going for something and fail to reach it, it is your own fault and not the viewer’s, the term for that is “pretentiousness.”

What are you talking about? Where do I blame the viewer?

thx bby xoxo

Actually both me and Joazzz made them in gmod, that was one of the last ones I made before moving over on to SFM. (thanks Minilandstan by teh way bro)
While I probably would have added maybe a lil more lighting to the scene, like maybe some blue or something, I think the current lighting is still fine for the shot.

Oh noice lil pose by the way! Pretty good snow edit.

To be honest, you would still be looking at her bare skin no matter what lightning. Quit nitpicking and better spend that time to put your dick back in your pants.