Silly porblem with a model and Point_Viewcontroll

I was wanting to make the start sequence of portal when you get up out of the bed, In ep2, But t he model needed ( models/blackin.mdl ) is not in ep2, And i cant get it from portal. Is there any other way to make it look like you are getting up off the floor?

There should be one. In HL2 when you first meet up with Alyx, you get up from the floor after being knocked out by the CP’s.

Do you know the name of it by any chance?

Should be the same.

Why not just port it over.

just use an env_fade


or Map -> Map Properties -> “Level Fade In” set to “Yes”

But i want the character to get off of the floor

Unless there’s some camera control entity in the fadein model, using an env_fade will work, if there’s an output that needs to be fired after the fading is done, it’s completely possible with an env_fade.

I cant find a camera control model that works…

just an ep1 one that does nothing on all animations
Pretty sure you can do something like this.