Silly shorts #1 F**k you

Dusted off my gmod and this came out.

Decent idea, terribly poor execution

What the fuck am I watching?

Wat. Do not want poorly produced gmod film.

This section of the forum is getting eaten alive by shit videos.

I forgot how unforgiving this place was.
Also nice constructive criticism. I thought there was a rule not to say that somethings sucks unless you say why?

Silly Sil! Damn it’s been a while man since you were on. D:

Hi Nexus! Nice to see a friendly face.
I’m mostly arguing in GD nowadays. This section is mean :frowning:

We’re criticizing it because if you haven’t looked at all other garry’s mod videos that try to be ‘funny’ they use the exact same formula that yours did. It’s got bad posing, the HUD is there for a lot of time, the camera angles were just tossed in with no regard to cinematography or anything of the such, and you used explosion spam to make people laugh. Which I sure as hell didn’t.

We’re not being mean, we just have quality standards, and this looks like it was done in ten minutes.

Saying “this is shit” far from criticizing.

I haven’t actually.

This is constructive criticism. Someone actually criticized the vid after 9 posts. Thank you.

Haven’t seen any explosion, nor it was highlighted. But I can understand that you perceive it like that, seeing how you described other vids in this section (not implying that you bash every vid here, just saying that it’s a fair assumption if many other vids follow that formula).

There is a difference between constructive criticism and flaming. Also “this section is mean :(” was a mockery.

No one is saying that it wasn’t nor that it’s setting new standards for Hollywood cinematography. I’m just pointing out absolute lack of constructive criticism (except of this post I’m quoting now).

This vid was spontaneously slapped together in “10 minutes” for fun. Now I see my mistake of posting it here (before you get offended, I’m not implying anything by this statement, I simply now see that it’s not worth a thread).

I only liked the party when you zoomed in on Gordon, that looked really smooth and nice for some reason… have an artistic

Aye that it has, the standard on stuff has change over the years :frowning:

And add me again on steam :<

I liked the idea and song :buddy:

I agree, and I really didn’t think it was that bad, just needed to get rid of the hud.

I think everyone’s expectations here are a little too hight, not everything here has to be dramatic, over edited junk.

Needed higher quality, more creative shots, remove the hud, and also do post processing effects in the editor, not the game.

Not a bad idea, however.

Untrue, buddy.

It might be Silly Shorts #0. WMG will probably put a claim on your video eventually.

Indeed. So much high standard over screenshots, vid and comic.

Anything wrong with having high standards?

Making the place elitist instead of friendly?