Silver Sonic and Mina Mongoose

[release]Silver Sonic/Mecha Sonic and Mina Mongoose
Game/Comic Series: Sonic
Game from: Sonic Adventure DX Game Cube version and custom model
Info: Silver Sonic is the Sonic robot you were never able to touch in Sonic Adventure (DX). While Metal Sonic was able to get out and about and even view itself in its own storage tube (with the help of the Action Replay), Silver Sonic would remain in Standby mode. Until today.

Mina Mongoose comes from the Archie Sonic comics and was custom modeled by PKT. Mina includes several flexes, including some that remove her clothing (No naughty bits avaiable)[/release]

Blaze is just like “whatever, throw the ball already.” I like that. Good work!

I can’t download this for some odd reason.

You need to log in using your steam account. It’s Garry’s anti-paricy thing.

I still can’t since I don’t have gmod.
Not even on an os that supports steam or gmod.

Silver Sonic looks nice, but what game is he off? I assume he’s the model from SA, but don’t tell me he’s the one from Sonic 2.

I always wonder where the ‘usage practicality’ comes in with these sort of models.

Sonic adventure and Sonic Adventure DX. When you start E-102’s story. look to your right. Silver Sonic is in the green tube.

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That might be why. It’s checking to see if you have Gmod.

twelve year olds sure love them, so there must be some sick reason.

People who enjoy the games/comics maybe?

Can’t really be that hard to figure out, i mean we’ve got about a million models of the same gun and about a million more soilders wearing slightly diffrent camo so whats wrong with a few out of the ordinary models now and again?

In contrast to what Gmod provides, I don’t see many maps or models that would suit these characters well and appeal to viewers. I understand your usage of them in the comical sense, using the characters in the abstract ways that you do. Which is about the only way I have ever seen them used (by you mostly). Others have been by first-tryers who get shot down and either never come back or begin trolling or something.

I don’t mind the models being used, as long as they’re used effectively. When you see models like this (and not always like this, I’ve seen the ‘head honchos’ also port useless things) and never see any poses or comics about them, they seem like a waste of time and effort in both doing it (I don’t know the process or plural term or whatever) and downloading it (those who had).

That’s just my two cents. I’m often the voice in the wind anyhow so, ignore me if it so pleases you.

You bring up som good points, i pretty much agree with everything you’ve said there.

So it makes me wonder Silver Sonic ever got put into SA then. I mean, he had no purpose, he was just there. Whatever, nice models.

I dislike what ye just said there Mister :frog:

The only characters I remember were Sonic, Tails and Knuckles.