Silver Spirit's Giant Hexed Nintendo Models Pack



This Is my Giant (well decient sized) Hexed Nintendo models pack (this is my first release so i’m not sure whats going on).

None for the main pack. Anything required for the Bonus pack is detailed in the BONUS.txt[/release]



-Premier Ball (prop) (includes small version)
-Pokeball (Grenade based) (prop)
-Open Mouthed Kirby (hexed ragdoll reskin)
-Yellow Kirby (hexed ragdoll reskin)
-Shiney Lugia (hexed ragdoll reskin)
-Shadow Lugia (hexed ragdoll reskin)
-Shiney Mewtwo (hexed ragdoll reskin)
-Shiney Lucario (Hexed Ragdoll/NPC/Player Reskin)
-Green Lucario (Hexed Ragdoll/NPC/Player Reskin)
-Shiney Charizard (hexed ragdoll reskin)
-Normal Bulbasaur (hex altered ragdoll)
-Shiney Bulbasaur (hexed ragdoll reskin)
-Undead Bulbasaur (hexed ragdoll)
-Energy Ball (effect)
-Aura Sphere (effect)
-Shadow Link (hexed ragdoll)

-Normal Mewtwo (hex altered ragdoll)
-Midna no helmet (hex altered ragdoll)
-Link Mastersword Crowbar and Pistol (hexed v_weapons)
-Lua and Material fixes


-Blue Lucario (Hexed Ragdoll/NPC/Player Reskin)
-Minor error fixes
-No more installer (Yay!)

and other things i’ve probberly missed out but are all shown in the CREDITS.txt.


Most skins done by me and all hexed by me.

Screenshots can be found here:

Also included is a bonus fixes pack which is detailed in the BONUS.txt.

No longer includes an installer (as it wasn’t worth the hassle) and updated to V1.1 with extras and fixes.


Fucking reporting idiots

did you even make the skins or did you steal them and passing them off as your own work ???
i’ve seen them before and not by you.

The skins in the pack that I did not make are:

Shadow Link
Normal Bulbasaur
Undead Bulbasaur
Green Lucario
Charizard Base Textures (eyes and stuff)
Lucario Base Textures (eyes and stuff)
(and the the stuff in the bonus pack).

Which I make quite clear in the CREDITS.txt. (I would put the contents of the CREDITS.txt here but its very, very long and I don’t know how big your allowed to have posts)

The rest I made myself by altering the base textures in GIMP and Paint. And the NPC pictures were made by me aswell.

Edit: is this where you saw it? they were working off the same sprite as me ^^

It was very probably reported (either deliberately or automatically) because you used an EXE installer, when there’s no good reason for it and it doesn’t even properly detect where the GMod folder is anyway.

Yea, I thought it would help with making sure all the stuff goes in the right place (which doesn’t work when i haven’t put it in the right place) . Also it doesn’t detect it at all, what it shows is a guide I put in to give you an idea as to where you should be looking for your addons folder.

I now realise it was pointless trying to put an installer, though I was only trying to make it easier to use (though it seems to have made it more complicated), so i’m going to scrap it in the next version. Also I put it in an installer because it gives further compression to the files turning what is a 24.3 mb file into a 7.65 mb archive, which means the next version will be larger than 9.94 mb.

Though if it was auto reported why didn’t it just not let me upload it?

Edit: Ok its been taken down, so i’ll put up a fixed non-installer version with some extra stuff when i’ve finished it.

Sorry for double post.

Version 1.1 is up with extras (Blue Lucario) and fixes for misplaced files.

Also no more installer ^^

Let’s see, Lucario was by MarioKart64n, I think TRAX made Mewtwo and Bulbasaur, I also guess Lugia was developed by akrepp. Normal skins and models by the developers of these models, reskins by you Silver Spirit. Most impressive, but I don’t want them to replace the old model skins. Also, could you try giving the NPC/Player Lucario some proper eye, face pose and repaired body? Cuz we don’t want it flying around like crazy

Good pack, silver spirit. Got my download :wink:

I’m not sure whats up with the eyes, i’ll have to ask GuyNumbers about it, I don’t know how to re-rig rig or fix the body, but I suppose if someone decompiled it I could scale it smaller but other than that i’m not the one to ask. (And I found out MarioKart64n did the Bulbasaur and Mewtwo after I wrote the Credits. Also akrepp is almightyone on here or at least thats who ported it).

They shouldn’t replace the old model skins, due to the fact they are hexed (its in the title and everything).

Thanks :smiley:

Woah more Déjà vu, man.

what of?

This is NOT a model pack! It DOES NOT include models, but is actually a !!!TROJAN HORSE!!!
DO NOT download this!

Huh? 151 people have downloaded it (from looking atm) and no-one else has contacted me or said anything here so far about this (though people have said its fine so far, see above) @.@ Are you hoaxing or do I need to re-upload it?

Edit: Also I just thought, you can click on “View Contents” and it shows you everything in the zip file (which I just checked and seems to be how I left it).

Wow, this Hexed Model pack is great. :smiley: I like it!

No, no it’s not. It’s a model pack. The first version did include an EXE installer, but it was clean.

I found gm_pokeworld4 and gm_pokeworld4nite really depressing, so I edited them so they now have cubemaps in houses and a sun. Also, I decided to NOT put in HDR, well I really wanted to but that would be fine without HDR in, I’ll tell what HDR is… It’s High Dynamic Range, so Silver Spirit I think you already know that stuff since you’ve played HL2 Lost Coast with commentary on. Or do you not?

Also… Whatever La Mort is saying he’s COMPLETLY wrong, he just doesn’t want us to have new stuff in GMod

Thanks :smiley:

I have no idea whats in lost coast as I haven’t installed it (due to my steam being weird with the Orange Box stuff). Also Why are you telling me about gm_pokeworld? (I suppose I did put a link to it in the BONUS.txt, I think, but then I put links to lots of things).

Ok, tell ghostpc I edited his map a bit, I didn’t move any houses or built more ones, I just put in some cubemaps. There are both cubemaps in the Day and Night versions, the day one has a env_sun and light_environment entities, and night version has sky_night01 skybox. Also, I’ve written some TF2 skins for you if you want. Look over here

Scout’s Lucario Shirt ( Use it on the blue scout ) ----->
TF2 Lucario retextured for Demoman and Spy —>
Scout’s Blaziken Shirt ( I recommend using it for the red scout ) —>

Ooh, and here’s another one for Super Mario Galaxy Jalopy —>

errr, why don’t you tell him @.@ (I don’t know the guy)

Are you asking me to put these in the bonus links text for the next version?