Silver Spirit's Random Releases

Many other of the things i’m working on still need working on (which I can’t be bothered to do atm, and also have other things that have to be done Y.Y), so I have decided to release a few of them that I believe are in as finished a state as I will likely be able to get them to.

For this I have made a thread I can just release things in when I get round to it.

UT3 Model Pack: V1
Naruto Model Pack: V1
Shader Pack: V1.1
KF Mod Pack: V1
Normandy Pack: V1
Plank Pack: V1

UT3 Pack: Models ported from Unreal Tournament 3, includes Manta (Red and Blue[Skins/Models]), Rocket Launcher (Red and Gold[Models]), Link Gun (Normal and Blue[Skins]), Sniper Rifle (Two colours[Models]), Flack Cannon.

Naruto Pack: Models ported from the Half Life Naruto RPG Mod, includes Hidan’s Scythe (Jedi Knight Mod weapon port), Shinobi Vest (type for each village[Skins]), Ninja Headbands (type for each Village[Skins]), Kage Hat(Type for most villages[Skins]) and two masks.

Shader Pack: A variety of lightwarp texture shaders used to enhance model’s appearences. Required for some of my models to work correctly.

KF Mod Pack: Models ported from the UT2004 Killing Floor Mod, includes a variety of weapon models from the game including: Berretta Pistol, Axe (two skins [Skins]), Bat (metal pipe thing with two skins [Skins]), Boomstick (shotgun), Carbine, Chainsaw (four skins [Skins]), Crossbow and Bolt (multiple bodygroups [Groups]), Flamethrower, Knife (two skins [Skins]), LAW, Shotgun, Syringe, Welder (on and off [Skins]), Winchester.

Normandy Pack: Models ported from Mass Effect, includes Normandy in 3 sizes, Mako beta and a random ship (unknown type).

Plank Pack: Plank model made by CadetBailey, ported by me. I’ve also added an additional cartoon based texture and an outline in a bodygroup.

Shader Pack: Added Outline texture, Fixed settings of flat2 normalmap.

UT3 Pack: Legal Copy of Unreal Tournament 3.
Naruto Pack: Shader Pack (see below).
Shader Pack: None.
KF Mod Pack: None.
Normandy Pack: Legal Copy of Mass Effect.
Plank Pack: Shader Pack (see below, for normal skin to work correctly).


UT3 Pack: Silver Spirit - porting/addon format, Epic - models/textures
Naruto Pack: Silver Spirit - porting/normalmaps/hidan scythe anime tex/minor editing/addon format, (Unknown) - models/textures, Sithmaster555 - Hidan Scythe
Shader Pack: Valve - textures, Silver Spirit - naming/addon format
KF Mod Pack: Silver Spirit - porting/texture editing/normalmaps/addon format, Mr.Kadish - models/textures
Normandy Pack: Silver Spirit - porting/minor editing/phong mask texture editing/materials, Bioware - models/textures
Plank Pack: CadetBailey - Modeller/Original Texture, Silver Spirit - Porter/Cartoon Texture/Outline



UT3 Pack:

Naruto Pack:

KF Mod:

Normandy Pack:

Plank Pack:



Alternate Download:
UT3 Model Pack
Naruto Model Pack
Shader Pack
UT2004 KF Mod Models Pack
Mass Effect Normandy
Plank Pack



Thankyou to anyone who helped me in my porting/modelling endeavours. Thanks to my Beta Testers Eshap and Oz-Walsh, to my supporters in the DC and Marvel Player Models thread of Jason278, Santz and anyone else who pitched in with ideas or feedback :slight_smile: Also thanks to anyone who helped me out with any problems or other issues when I was working on these.

For updates on my progress on things look here: :slight_smile: (or the dc and marvel playermodels thread :stuck_out_tongue: or here I suppose @.@)


I lol’ed at the low-poly Naruto stuff from The specialist :stuck_out_tongue: Haha my scythe is there too lol

And FUCK yes at the stuff from UT3 man, thanks for releasing those :buddy:

Cheers! :cheers:

A teaser of what may be to come (well what I found lurking in my ported model’s folder anyway):


The original Vort? Ooh…


Fingerposable actually,I think

Also Silver, what about your cartoony bender ragdoll, batarangs, superhero rings, Green Lantern Mask, and Deadpool models?

I always love these types of misc. packs. Have a pallet.

Awesome, it’s about time mate!

Can’t wait for Bender, Deadpool, and Ness to be released. Those are the ones I want in particular. :slight_smile:

Some of that actually looks pretty epic.

Oh COOL! UT2004 weapons! :smile:

Naruto stuff ftw…for comics at least =b

Yes! NESS!

UT3 and some UT2004 i saw there man your great :smiley:

What’s with all the hearts?

If anyone doesn’t want the sniper rifle to glow purple remove/comment these two lines from the VMTs:

"$selfillum" 1
"$selfillummask" "models\ut3\weapons\sniperrifle\T_WP_SniperRifle_Mask" 

SS can you relase the other flash the models like greate, you can relase only zoom if you want

They are still broked Y.Y

I mainly just want Haunter.
But the other stuff looks epic.

Naruto… :downs:

That samus without helmet looks good. Which suit is that? luigimario’s brawl suit or medrop’s MP3 varia suit?
Oh and please release Ness and his bat soon, I can make good poses with him.