silverish textures in dark rooms

alright so, i’ve been working on a map… its supposed to be themed with a bit of fear… and i cant work with fear if i cant make things properly dark.
in the pictures below you can see that some textures are sort of… glowing in the dark, like the terrorists nail polish…
and any other models i’ve seen, such as guns, ragdolls or player models, lamps…

anyone have any idea why this is happening?

btw, i don’t have a skybox put in the map… because it lights up the entire map ;\

Did you add those cubemap entity things?

o_o… i don,t know what those are, but ill search on them right now.

Just type “sv_cheats 1; buildcubemaps” in console. (Without the “”) Adding env_cubemaps creates reflections for the area the cubemap is “watching”. Building cubemaps without env_cubemaps creates a default reflection.

ok well i tried adding a skybox, and the env_cubemap entity… but i dont understand it at all really :expressionless:
i read up on the page for it in the valve dev wiki, but i dont get it… are you supposed to attach it to brushes and models? does it even matter where it goes?
all i really want to do is make a pitch black room with nothing reflecting, or being shiny…
is there a cubemap skin thats just plain black?

…do you even use “skins”??
gahh please help :c

ok well, i changed the skybox to a darker one, and i put a cubemap entity in a room to test it…
the reflection of things changed, but they’re still reflecting in pitch black rooms…
so yea… i learned some stuff about the reflection and cubemaps, but im still stumped on why it reflects in darkness…
could it be related with not having an “light_environment”?

help again please :\


ahh, i feel so great c:

thank you again guys, been MASSIVE help to me :smiley:

now my map will work properly in the dark c: