Similar games

Do you guys know any games similar to Rust? (Also mention if it includes online play)
People who don’t have a key could just play other similar games to pass the time.
Also, I was lurking one day around the forum and found out that Rust is very similar to one game, but couldn’t find the name of the game anymore… can someone post it here?

And everyone knows about DayZ and Minecraft so lets leave them out of the thread.

The Forest and 7 Days to Die (the forest is on steam greenlight)

7 Days to Die
The Stomping Land
Survive the Forest
State of Decay
DayZ Standalone
Rising Dead 3
Dying Light
Stranded 3

Garry’s mod

Most exactly the Stranded gamemode I believe.

It’s basically just minecraft without horses. Real talk.

7 Days to Die was exactly what I was reading about before, thanks man.