Siminov's Swep Tutorials for Gmod 13

As a way to give back to the community, I was thinking about making youtube tutorials on how to do what I do, make weapons.

This idea came to me about a month ago, since the help I got on these was minimal over the past few years aside from a few people. I was thinking that if someone was there to help me all the way through, right now I would be better than I currently am.

Since I won’t be doing this forever, I’d like some people to learn how to do it, put their own spin on it and try something different than the style I use.

So far I’ve done:


Right now, I’m just doing the simple ones, nothing really advanced. I have more planned for the future but ideas from other people on what to cover don’t hurt.

These are my first tutorials that I’ve ever done, they took quite a bit of time and effort. Hopefully they will help someone out.

Dude these are awesome!!

Wow thank you very much for your contribution. Will check it out now.

Nice effort put into these. Great stuff.

100% awesomeness!

Sorry for being negative, but these guides give some misleading info.

First of all you don’t have to keep the 3 file structure. In most cases with the exception of bases and weapons that use weapon_base your init.lua and cl_init.lua are almost empty, so you only want to use shared.lua
So instead of doing weapons/my_weapon/shared.lua and all that stuff you can do this: weapons/my_weapon.lua and that file will be loaded on both client and server. Then use if ( SERVER ) then or if ) CLIENT ) then to control which parts you want to load serverside or clientside only.

And the SWEP.AdminSpawnable does nothing in GMod 13. You must set SWEP.Spawnable = true and then SWEP.AdminOnly = true if you want your self to be admin only.

I’ll check that out. I don’t remember if I said that you are supposed to keep the 3 file structure but yeah, I’ll know about that and when I do my next set of videos, I’ll clarify that.

Didn’t know about that not working anymore, then again, I really never use it.


Long time bump but…

I haven’t done much work on these for awhile, is there anything else I should make a tutorial on?


Could you make something about qc files? And how to make them

I thought I went over that in the viewmodels

I’ve always had a beef with the way you’ve taught how to make ironsights, I mentioned this before but you kind of dismissed it. SWEP Construction Kit is the most efficient way to make ironsight vectors and I feel like you should have mentioned it in the video you dedicated to ironsights.

I remember what you said yeah, I just did it my way. Not saying it’s the best way or the most effective way. I just do it because I don’t have to worry about the swep construction kit, just notepad.

I might do a video after all on it.

I’m sorry for bumping an old thread but I can’t find help anywhere else. Can you please do a tutorial on how to animate the weapons or can you just do a tutorial on how to incorporate those animations into the code?

Oh man, these videos again! Good tutorials even though I never really had any intention of making SWEPs, not sure what the fix is for the Source SDK Model Viewer being broken though

Use the CSS one