Simkas Early 2000s US Military for Black Mesa's HECU replacement

Good evening. I thought if it would be possible to rig the U.S. military models that Simkas released in his thread not too long ago to replace the HECU Marines for Black Mesa (Steam version).

The reasons for the request is because the models fit into the atmosphere more and look like the actual U.S. military. I was never a huge fan of the vanilla HECU as they looked like they did not fit in the atmosphere. The models Simkas released is both detailed and makes it feel like I’m fighting the actual military rather than just some Navy SEAL PMC wannabe.

I’d try it myself, but unfortunately I’m not able to due to limited access to my computer and the lack of internet to help me with the proper tutorials. If someone is willing to actually rig them to the HECU (Assuming Simkas allows it), It would be greatly appreciated.

You know. It’d be awesome to fight against those desert ones. I agree, i’d love to do it myself but i dont have Black Mesa.

I think the models are essentially the same, minus the multiplayer. I’m not picky. I’d take a mod version as well.