Simon and David Leatherhoff

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Simon and David Leatherhoff

[tab]Version:[/tab] 2

[tab]Description:[/tab]Got bored last night and decided to try my hand and recreating Simon and David from Cry of Fear and Afraid of Monsters. No they aren’t NPC’s or players just ragdolls for posing.

[tab]Download V.2:[/tab]


[tab]Source Film Maker Fix:[/tab]


Very nice, though in the first pic your Simon looks a lot like Shotgunguy :v:


Added a fix for Simon’s hands in the OP.

Really nice. Simon’s gloves are meant to be wool, though.

man, you should’ve used simon’s actual head, it’s just a too obvious male_02
neat work, though

Cheers half d3ad, I love Cof and Aof


Did a bit of an update. I know i just finished it but I wasn’t quite a done as i thought i was.

Removed the logo on David’s undershirt
Gave Simon wool gloves and his bag (bodygrouped)
Fixed up Simon’s face to make him look more like the game
Fixed Simon’s faceposing to work properly

The bags strap can clip a bit on his back at some angles but i can’t do much about that.

These are awesome. I know for sure I’m gonna use these a LOT. :3

It’s pretty weird though, I was playing CoF yesterday and I’m going to buy a CoF T-shirt on Sunday. :v:

Sort of off topic: Were the hoodies from APB Reloaded?

Simon’s was from APB and David’s was from Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD.

I just noticed that David’s hoodie says “Afraid of Monsters” on it. Meta.

Added a fix so it works with Source Film Maker to the OP

That looks great, you did a good job. And no inverted bumpmaps!

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Deathbucket will be happy

its INACCURATE they dont wear ZIPUP HOODIES and davids logo is too big.

Does it matter?

it’s still resembling them.

And these are the only decent models of Simon and Dave you can get.

[sp]So be thankful that Half d3ad took alot of time to do this, So we could play about with them[/sp]

except the cry of fear model of Simon has already been ported and it is high-poly enough

also david’s facemap doesn’t have the scar under his eye.

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i appreciate he took time to make these (especially since source is the most unforgiving fucking engine i’ve had the displeasure to work with) and i might come off as condescending or rude but really i just want to suggest things that will help make them more accurate toward the original models.

Well, These are better to be honest, Better clothing [sp](Not the exact same as the Orginal characters but still)[/sp] And Faceposing.

I’m pretty sure Half d3ad could [sp](or could not)[/sp]add a scar under Davids eye if not already.

but if you’re content with Using the Original characters I’m not stopping you. :smiley:

if source didn’t curb my every attempt to even remotely work with it i’d port the original david (with skin variations for [sp]dead/sick david[/sp]) as an alternative for people who want to pose the original david.

(that pose set i made was done with a hardly-working effect david with frozen sven coop anims photoshopped into screenshots of AOM)

don’t mean to be rude/bump, but ruMpel is pretty pissed over these models.

why are mod developers such pompous cunts