Simpe & Skaarj636 WIP thread.

As title says - here I and SimonSyndaren will post our progress on stuff we’re currently working on. Anyway here you can see some screens (I will update them, so look at topic sometimes).

Bodygroup change-able Predator
Masks :

"Belt lock thing" for my personal model



Time for some updates! I’ve fixed FOV and these are ready as compile references.

Are you making the Wolf Predator?

you mean you don’t see Wolf’s mask in those screenies?

awesome job, by the way!


Btw whats the one on the top right?

cooooooooooool and the top right one is called stalker i think, it has the predator’s skin showing outside the mask


oh wait QUESTION: Are you basically making lots of parts on the predator bodygroupable, or just the masks?

I’m not talking about the bottom right…can’t you tell from top and bottom?

its the wolf mask we see in avp requiem movie

Thank you.

my mistake XD

Another update :

We’re going to make changeable armor as well too.

what about the shoulder cannons?

O shi… I almost forgot abaut them. Next version will got them.

This is sparta!

XD awesome! i just watched 300 the other day

and the other models you released?

New version of Predator (4.0) will contain a lot of stuff that can be changed. And yes, you can get that release soon (with shoulder cannons!).

Fun-Fact :
There are 20 bodygroups total.

I love you two. seriously, I do.

Cool because I feel alone and lost (just another Ihmo-thingy-blah).