Simphys Gone from steam?

I restarted my server and noticed that simphys was gone! So i went ahead and checked my collections as well as the workshop and there was nothing. I dont know if this is a simple error or if it has infact been removed.

Does anyone have any info on what has happened?

I went ahead and made a backup of the main addons for simphys just in case…

Luna - the creator of the base - started saying that they were upset with stupid comments about the base and whatever a few months ago. for example, most bug reports barely had any useful information, and most comments were about things that had already been answered almost dozens of times, even in the description on the workshop page.
I think they just got fed up with it.

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…and removed the base from the workshop.

That’s a shame… I can understand the frustration tho.

It’s still available on their github:


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no, comments are not even half the story. I can not explain it in english so i wont even bother. Im not a dev, i realize that now and i totally understand when people are angry at me now

why say that? you are as good a dev as anybody else on here
the only real problem with simphys is that it’s laggy on servers and that’s only because spawning multiple copies of car body + 4 seat ents + 4 physics driven wheels is gonna cause lag on pretty much any server no matter what code you have attached to it
its also somewhat difficult to get them to spawn properly from the darkrp F4 menu but i was able to figure that out after about 5 mins as well

well, its the first addon i made for gmod. I learned lua with it so its realistic to assume that its not ‘properly’ done. The sheer amount of people having problems are talking for themself even if i can not reproduce any of these issues (to my defense, most bug reports dont have more information than “is not working pls fix” wich you must agree is not very much info to work on).

much talk for nothing, im done with this addon and the game itself. I simply lost my passion and im fed up with being blamed for everything and having to deal with people that i dont like.

I know this won’t affect your decision, but I just wanted to let you know that I and my community (and many others) enjoyed your mod more than any other vehicle mod, mostly due to it’s customization. I will still continue using it. Thanks for the great addon, even if you think it’s bad…
Good luck in your future affairs.

Just press alt-f4

or mabey redownload all your stuff?

This is the unfortunate reality.

After I re-uploaded my mod, I changed my policy:

I could count on one hand the amount of actionable reports I’ve received, and this mod has been popular since the Toybox days. The old version was the most commented on item on the workshop last time I checked, and a large portion of those were trying to explain some esoteric problem.

I just went to find an example, and this one sums up the whole situation:

So I can totally understand where you’re coming from. I’ve considered deleting my addon out of spite more than a few times, but I know for a fact it would be re-uploaded by some turd, and I’m pretty sure I would just earn Robot’s ire more than I already have.

This is something I face on a daily basis, and one of the reasons I barely upload to Workshop. Afterwards I started redirecting people towards these two videos of mine (and even putting them in the workshop media, but I eventually gave up and now just disabled notifications on addons.

This is one of most issues with steam workshop.
I wish there was an option that disables comments.
And this is good evidence that 60% of gmod players are kids.
No offense,but its true.

60% feels like an understatement

Even with non-lua addons it’s a problem, my comment section for SProps is full of people who can’t figure out how to spawn a prop.

This is also evident in the fact that the workship is a trash dump filled with dupes that some kid made in 2 minutes with Alyx and Barney making out

Does blocking people stop them from commenting on your workshop stuff?

Im sorry to hear it turned out like this for you. Its a great addon and a lot of people love it. I do understand how you feel about the feedback from some people.

Would you like me to remove the download link i posted?