Simple 2 Questions

Whats the difference between Light RP and Dark RP?
Is there a way to have a RP server that doesn’t require Counter Stirke to run? Like to have only HL2 weapons?And I’ve tried posting this question on another thread but nothing so I put it in a new thread alltogether,so dont blame me if this question isn’t worthy of a thread.

LightRP is a gamemode made by Rick Dark (or DarkCybo1 or Rick Darkalonio or whatever name you call him with), it was released in early 2007.

DarkRP is a edit of LightRP made by Rickster the same period, it has gone through many devs updating it, now it is mantained by Falco and Eusion

Yeah, I know that but what was edited in it? Like the GAMEPLAY difference.

Nobody has ever heard of lightrp, darkrp is so popular that every 12 year old in the world has played it.

Here my son