Simple ad n00b question about effects

Hi, anyone know how to freeze an effect, like the spark of a bullet, or the blood spilling out for a shot?
There is a script or a command for the consolle? Or maybe a mod?

Why would you like to?

For a machinima :slight_smile:

host_timescale 0.01

Lags like hell in multiplayer, so play singleplayer.
I think I’ve tried putting 0, but that made me lag out even in single player… not sure though. Might be remembering wrong. You could try 0 if you want, otherwise use something really low like 0.01.
Oh and “1” sets it back to default.

Thanks, Divran, i’ll try it out :slight_smile:

You can also use the following command to just slow the physics down, not your whole game:

phys_timescale = 0.5

Or this, yes.

That woulden’t affect the sparks nor blood effects.

Ah maybe not…

sv_cheats 1 obviously then host_framerate 300 or higher to stop that just set it back to 0