Simple Addon Framework (SAF)

[h2]Simple Addon Framework[/h2]

Simple Addon Framework (SAF for short) is a lightweight base for creating small addons with (addons that only need to be ran at start-time (e.g. tips, addons with hooks, etc))

For example, if you wanted to send a message to everybody when someone is killed, you’d have to make a new folder structure (lua/autorun/) to get your addon to run. Simple Addon Framework does that for you.

There is one folder called saf_addons in which you drag all your LUA files to. Then, you simply create functions as if they were hooks (e.g. ADDON:PlayerDeath() or ADDON:PlayerSpawn()), and they will be called as functions rather than using hook.Add.


[li]Easy to set up, just drag into your addons folder.[/li][li]You don’t need to use hook.Add every time[/li][li]Allows addons to be enabled and disabled at run-time.[/li][li]Is ran on the server and client, so it’s easy for HUD’s, etc[/li][li]Super lightweight and easy to edit - I’ve commented most of it[/li][/ul]

I have created a small guide on how to successfully create an addon with SAF:

[li]XPS Format: click here[/li][li]PDF Format: click here[/li][/ul]
NOTE: the function RegisterAddon should be AddAddon. sorry for the confusion!

You can download Version 1, here:


SAF being loaded on a server

SAF loading all addons on startup

[h2]Thanks to[/h2]

[li]Overv, for helping me with overriding hook.Call[/li][/ul]


Nice work, dude! :buddy:

Your PDF says “RegisterAddon”, but your framework files (both client and serverside files) say “AddAddon”.

Oh, just noticed that. My mistake! Thanks for the info, and it’s good to know some people do actually read the guides :v:

Will test one of my scripts on this tomorrow.