Simple Admin System

Simple Admin System by Spacetech
Simple Admin System is a performance friendly admin system that only has the commands you need.

Latest Version: 1.1

[li]An advert system with configurable messages and timers.
[/li][li]No Think hooks so it’s pretty performance friendly.
[/li][li]Nice chat command system so it’s not that hard to add new commands
[/li][li]Customizable chat command prefix (Default is !)
[/li][li]Every action is logged to it’s own date file.
[/li][li]No gui - less laggy, and client doesn’t have to download anything.
[/li][li]Works on all gamemodes.
[/li][li]Non admins won’t get guns, only tool weapons.
[/li][li]Players can’t bump into each other.

Commands (All beginning with the chat command prefix)
[li]Kick PlayerName: Kicks PlayerName from the server.
[/li][li]Ban PlayerName Time: Bans PlayerName from the server for Time(In Minutes. If you don’t put a time it will be a perma-ban.
[/li][li]Freeze PlayerName: Freezes PlayerName in his current position. The Player cannot spawn anything and will still be unfrozen after a suicide.
[/li][li]God PlayerName: Gods PlayerName.
[/li][li]Goto PlayerName: Brings you to PlayerName’s location.
[/li][li]Bring PlayerName: Brings PlayerName to your location.
[/li][li]Slay PlayerName: Slays PlayerName.
[/li][li]Noclip PlayerName: Noclips PlayerName.
[/li][li]Rcon Command: Rcon’s Command into the server console.
[/li][li]Restart: Restarts the server completely.
[/li][li]Map MapName: Changes the map to MapName (Without .bsp on the end)
[/li][li]Cleanup (PlayerName): Cleans all of PlayerName’s props. Cleans the whole server if PlayerName is blank.
[/li][li]Commands: Shows all of the commands.
[/li][li]SAS: Tells you what version is on the server.
[/li][li]Moderator PlayerName: Adds PlayerName to the Moderator group.
[/li][li]Admin PlayerName: Adds PlayerName to the Admin group.
[/li][li]SuperAdmin PlayerName: Adds PlayerName to the SuperAdmin group.
[/li][li]Ungroup PlayerName: Removes PlayerName from any groups.

Each usergroup can use different commands.
Super Admin Only Commands: Rcon, Restart, Moderator, Admin, SuperAdmin, Ungroup
Admin Only Commands: Ban, Map
Moderator: Kick, Freeze, God, Goto, Bring, Slay, Cleanup, Noclip
Normal User: Commands, SAS

[li]Extract the zip file to your garrysmod/addons directory.
[/li][li]Open up Simple Admin System/lua/SAS/Config.lua and edit it to your liking.
[/li][li]Restart gmod.

[li]Commands command no longer gets cutoff.
[/li][li]You don’t have to say !god yourname to god yourself. You can just !god.
[/li][li]Noclip is now a moderator command (you can noclip other players)
[/li][li]Added SuperAdmin Command
[/li][li]Added Admin Command
[/li][li]Added ModeratorCommand
[/li][li]Added Ungroup Command
[li]Initial Release

[li]Tomato3017: Letting me beta test this in his server.
[/li][li]Conna: I learnt how to use the pcall function and
[/li][li]Neico and/or Megiddo: The great get all maps function (from wiki)

Besides what I said in the credits Everything is coded by me

If their are any bugs I will do my best to fix them :slight_smile:
Come back to this thread once and a while to check for updates.

Nice. Good job.


I think i’m going to remove ulx and have this, Looks promising, good work

Well, it’s an administration modification in the most literal sense, and it does what it says on the tin. I’m sure there will be situations where this is useful, although ULX is still the full deal for remote/end-user administration. I can’t help but feel this is an example of reinventing the wheel.

I’m removing ULX and testing this now. Good job.


Can you make an add user command so people can add admins more easily?

Well this is designed for people who don’t need 50commands and for people who want a performance friendly mod.

Will be in next version.

Also for dedicated servers it would be useful to have in game sbox_ commands. I.e sbox_maxprops

That’s why theirs an rcon command :smiley:

New version will be up tomorrow. I’m just waiting for more requests/bug reports.

I was happy to let this thread go and not to reply, but I guess I’ll need to straighten a few things out.

First, saying that this mod is better performance-wise than other mods is just ludicrous. Your big push that it has no thinks applies to ULX and ULib, and I have to assume SS/SAT too. Not that it would matter anyways, considering the ratio of work done by the CPU on an admin mod versus the physics engine. No one will or even can notice the difference of a few nanoseconds if indeed there is that big of a difference at all, since we built ULX/ULib with performance in mind.

Second, general things I noticed about this mod. This mod is 100% (besides what he mentioned) unique code. Congrats! It’s obvious you took a lot of cues and ideas from ULX, but that’s okay and we don’t care because that’s just good business practice. While I have no doubt this mod works, there are several parts that have some poor coding practices and/or unneeded checks. There’s also no module system, no way to use the commands by console (or am I missing something?), and it won’t match partial names (imagine trying to ban someone with special characters in their name. Ouch!). Also the code would be a nightmare to read using that style if it wasn’t so small.

Third, since when is gui laggy? It’s all done client side – meaning no lag. Bragging about saving 1/2 a second on client side files because there is no menu is also laughable, especially considering that if you do it right, clients will never download the file more than once, even in new versions.

Last, about the get all maps bit. I made the original, yes. It’s kind of silly to even bother using it in the context you did, but whatever. Also Neico changed the code a bit so the if statement isn’t doing anything anymore. Might as well remove that. :slight_smile:

Anyways, enough generalities and notices. This mod is following all the goals we laid down for ULX except with an even more lightweight spin. I think this is a great thing you have going here if you can improve it a bit. I’ll be watching with interest! Just don’t go saying false things about the other admin mods anymore, okay? :slight_smile:

Nice job.

There isn’t a settings/user.txt file.

Well I mean ulx needs ulib and ulib has like a lot of functions and usermessages and stuff. Their is partial name matching.
function SAS.CheckPlayer(Nick)
for k, v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
if(string.find(string.lower(v:Nick()), string.lower(Nick)) == 1) then
return v
return false
I didn’t mean to talk down to ulx, this is just for people who don’t want so many commands and such…


There is no settting solder?? check your download

Its in the garrysmod directory.

How do i edit the chat command prefix?

Open up Simple Admin System/lua/SAS/Config.lua and edit it to your liking.

Hehe, i didn’t spot it, Thanks anyway.


Didn’t for me :frowning: I added my steam id and that and it still thinks i’m not admin

IF my computer worked i would use this!
this is great, unlike ULX
this is all i wanted to admin my server, GREAT WORK

i don’t have much against ulx, it’s just very confusing
so this is perfect :smiley:

Ah i figured it, i forgot to remove the //


I did /slay [SPC] Alex and it said play not found