Simple Alerts

I have had this laying around for quite some time and decided to release it. Basically this addon lets you send “alerts” to a specific player or all players by using a simple chat command as shown below. Only one message shows in the top left corner of the players screen, by this I mean they do not keep sliding down as more appear, the text simply changes. This reduces screen clutter and keeps the idea basic. Please not this is not for massive amounts of information, if you need that use sandbox notices.

What goes on:

First you either use this example to send an alert to one user

Or this example to send an alert to all users

Then the clients receive a nice water droplet sound and something like this is shown in the upper left corner.

Sorry for the horribly designed post, I am pretty dang bad at posting neatly :frowning:

Please post problems that I missed, it is hard to test things when no one is ever on :stuck_out_tongue:



Nice, i will have some use of this!

Looks nice!