Simple animations tool for NPCs

I really don’t know how to put it any more simple.

I just want a basic animation playing tool for NPC’s that loop if you want it to (left-click normal play, right-click loop?). I don’t want the NPC to be turning at me because then the whole animation turns with it :|. Also, if it’s too annoying for you to decide which NPC’s have these, just assume Rebels/Citizens, Civil Protection, and the other human combine. (Not Breen)

Basic animations are;

Crouch walking
Crouch running (I think there is an animation for this. That, or it’s the running whilst taking cover animation)
Sprinting (yes there is a sprinting animation for rebels/citizens/medics, those people)
And a few others.

Would this be simple enough to do? I don’t want to download other tools, they don’t have looping animations or any of the above ones. And bloody respond, damnit.