Simple autoloading save

Need a simple, wiremod-compatable tool that will save all ents on a command, and automatically load them when the map loads.

Nobody? It’s basically just wiremod’s Adv Dupe except not in stool form

I believe this does what you want

It does and it doesn’t.
It only saves props, not constraints, etc.

It doesn’t automatically save all props, and doesn’t work with wiremod.

First, sorry that link wasn’t what you were looking for, and then

A few questions:
When you say automatically save all props do you mean every x minutes, or on player disconnect?
In the OP you said load props automatically, but save with a command, which is it?
Is this for single player or multi player?
What do you mean by work with wiremod?

And some notes:
You didn’t specify in the OP that it needed to save the constraints too, If you want someone to make something completely new you need to put a lot more information on how it should work and what it might be used for, the more details the better. With that said if you post the extra detail, after I complete my entry for the GCC I might attempt it.

Also depending on what you mean by wiremod compatible, there’s no way it will be simple.

Load automatically on map load, but when you need to add/remove props, you overwrite the map’s file with a concommand, i.e save_ents.
Multiplayer, so it’d have to save server-side.

Work with wiremod, as in it can save and load wiremod things properly. I’d understand if anyone attempting this wouldn’t want to include this feature, just looking at Adv Dupe’s source makes my head spin.

Well, it needs to be basically Adv Duplicator (or the regular Duplicator, if Wiremod gives you headaches), but not in STOOL form.

So, when a admin on the server types in a concommand, i.e save_ents, it needs to find all ents and their constraints, and save them and their properties (skin, color, material, position, model, solidity, etc) to a file on the server.
When the same map loads again, the file with all the saved ents and constaints will be parsed, ents will spawn exactly where and as they were before.
Different files for different maps.

Thank you! :smiley:

Bumping this in the unlikely event someone can (and will) actually help.