Simple Bounce

I am trying to make my ent bounce when colliding with something, i have tried different ways what i got atm is.

[lua]function ENT:PhysicsCollide(data,physobj)
vel = physobj:GetVelocity()
newvel = vel:Normalize() * -1
physobj:ApplyForceCenter( newvel )

But it is just not bouncing, or when i change the number multiplying vel:Normalize() it spazzes out on the floor moving left and right very fast.

I have tried using garrys method but it just makes it bounce to the left then roll along the floor


[lua]function ENT:PhysicsCollide(data, physobj)
local vel = data.OurOldVelocity
local norm = data.HitNormal
local ang = vel:Angle()
ang:RotateAroundAxis(norm, 180)
local newvel = ang:Forward()-1vel:Length()

Something like that.

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