Simple car with suspension.

Messing around with elastics I came up with this idea, I’m sure plenty of people have done this before, but I thought I would share my version.

Done many times before.
Btw, it’s not supposed to bounce like that, that you probably break your neck.

Not original at all. Sorry but you probably shouldn’t have posted this


lol, needs more damping and it’s WAY too simple

Cool, Gmod 7 came back.

terribly implemented , very ugly , completely ineffective



Saying it’s not original at all, I clearly stated above my video that “I’m sure plenty of people have done this before”.

Also Twitch, I said it was simple, I didn’t say it was a trophy truck or anything and ineffective? Of course it’s ineffective it’s a square on wheels with bouncy suspension.

I was just playing around with elastics, this is seriously my first attempt at vehicle suspension.

Then why did you post it. If you know its ineffective why not work on it until your proud of it then post. Its its just some stupid “square on wheels” then why even bother posting it.

Looks quite bland. It’s been done before as well.

Eh, whatever, you’ll get better.

I WAS proud, I’ve never every made anything like this before.

I wouldn’t know what / how effectively to put something onto it to make it look good.

What map is that? o.o

hey guys here’s my ugly piece of unoriginal shit that doesn’t work, what do you think of it

check out gunskimod’s youtube account. He’s got about 20 or so car tutorials that might help you if your wanting to learn some tricks of the Gmod trade. Gunski is one of the few nice guys on Facepunch.

It is unoriginal and it sure is ugly (with the while width being the exact same as the length) It does however work. I mean sure, it could use some more damping, but it does work. I don’t like it either, but come on…

If it isn’t original or a ground breaking proof of concept or something, there really isn’t any excuse as to why someone would go about posting something that looks like this. Make a body or something and resize dat bihatch and add some realistic steering. Then repost it. Best thing to do now is to look for some CC if there is any in this thread. Posting any more in this thread won’t help you, just redo the car and repost. GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGGOOGOG

There are still people who don’t know that?


Use rigid ropes instead of props when making suspensions.

I didn’t know that.

You also have very little post’s implying that you aren’t very active at facepunch.