Simple Clock

Simple clock & date text.

Simple Clock V1.1I (Image)

-Changed the background style
-Changed the font of the text.

Stop doing what your doing, your huds look ugly.

It’s not really for looks lol, It’s just some things helpful for people that can’t code.

or you can get deapth hud inline and use the clock in that, which looks a lot better then this crap.

coming from someone who has not contributed anything

If I did not have the steam UI beta I would be using this.

Uploaded a fixed version, when the times are either 12 pm or am, the text goes just over the border.

Rounded boxes, greys and greens.

Changed it a little.

V1.1I (Image)

-Changed the background style
-Changed the font of the text.

thanks! This will look nice on my server :wink:

np :slight_smile:

This is really helpful, becuase I get yelled at by my dad when I go past 12:00 pm. (: Now I get off at 11:59 pm, Thanks bro


thanks for makin this

MicroHUD has a better looking clock and it’s a better HUD.

Jova, please stop releasing them. There’s things you make that people have done, but better.

Would you please do me a favor and read the title of this thread again? And the title of the download?

It’s supposed to be as simple as possible. And I wouldn’t really want to make it any better than it is.

Why are you in this thread?

Something already been done means he can’t release his own? Just because there’s a thread there doesn’t mean you have to download and use it, if you have other preferences.

Ya, but this is UGLY

Think of it like this:

You’ve got two choices for a clock in your clock hud:

One, small, sleek, pretty, non-intrusive clock that has nice icons and very smooth, or a shitty, simple, crappy one.

Then don’t reply, simple enough.