Simple Code to Play Random Ambient Noises

I keep trying to make a table that has a simple timer with it that will play random ambient noises every so often. However I can’t seem to get it to work, any ideas?

local t = {

surface.PlaySound( t[ math.random( 1, #t ) ] )

Or use function of choice.

Depends whether you want it clientside or serverside.

Clientside, Robotboy’s code will work if you attach it with a timer (which I assume you know how to actually do so and I know that’s what he assumes, but I include one anyway just so you can compare),

[lua]local ambience = {

local ambience_delay = 60;
local ambience_repeat = 0; – 0 is infinite

timer.Create(“ambience_player”, ambience_delay, ambience_repeat, function()
surface.PlaySound(ambience[math.random(1, #ambience)]);

Otherwise serverside you can use:

If you’re making an entity make the sounds.

Thanks Nookyava, I was forgetting the delay and repeat.