Simple contraptions

i just got gmod a day ago and so far have been building simple stuff, catapult, a few death traps, a car without turning.
any ideas of what other simple things i could build or how to make my things more complex?

You should also learn how to parent so that you’ll be able to build really cool stuff that doesn’t lagg.

Build some suspended cars, Some helicopters, turrets, jets, whatever.

He just got it yesterday dawg, I don’t think he’s gonna progress that fast.

Best way to learn is to join a server with lots of people, see what they are building, and ask around.

My irl friend bought it yesterday too. You might be right :v:
So far all he’s been doing is destroying what i’m building and play various gamemodes.

One of the first things I’ve done was get wiremod. If you want, you can add me on Steam, I’m good with wire and can help you with whatever. If not, I’d recommend experimenting what each tool does and think of what zany contraptions come to mind :wink:

I would take a look at the Gmod Wiki. It can be found here:

Make a bathtub car with a catapult on it.

if you need a few ideas or tutorials, try searching youtube. Also, a good one stop place for noobs on stools and other things is this article.

download these things to start yourself off to a good start. I would suggest that you take a look at as well and just browse through things there too. This will give you more stuff to play around with and make gmod much more enjoyable imo.

Absolutely wrong, you’ll most likely just annoy the fuck out of people.

Screw around in singleplayer, see what all tools do, get some inspiration, build something, don’t post it there.


Actually when I first got Gmod I played around in SP for a day or so then I went to NoxiousNet sandbox server. It wasnt bad. They were nice and tolerated me and were very helpful.

Yes… and that’s why you never see any cool cats on there.

ran the .exe nothing happened. was i just infected?


wait, if i join a server using phx and or wiremod, will i download and install them?