Simple cubic model

I need a simple model made, no special skin required, just drop some square on it, preferably matching the grid inside GMOD.

No fancy thing here

If you don’t want to spend to much time on it, just make it so the height of the red box(front)fit a player inside once hollowed

If you are kind enough, make 3 models:

1-The red box length being a player height

2-The red box height being a player height (player have to fit inside and move freely once hollowed creating a ship hull, so, I dunno, 16 unit walls? less? more? you decide, but remember, player has to be able to jump

3-The red box height being 3 time the player height, if it’s too close to model no2, make it bigger, like 4-5 time the player height.

Thank you in advance, very appreciated


look, I know it’s not an exciting model to do, but I really need that shape to test something.

I’d do it, but your size requests make no sense. you’ve only said the red box’s sizes, and said the height twice. you should make a new ‘blue print’ with the sizes actually on there showing what is what size, like actual blue prints do, because then it makes more sense.