Simple customized Game UI for Garry's Mod

Hell oh buddies!

I’d like to introduce a nice free Escape menu that I made!
Simple customized Game UI for Garry’s Mod

You can edit the Lua code and replace available menu options, the title and the picture.
It features an integrated Web browser that allows to easily display rules or whatever you want.
It provides nice information in the top right corner.

Have fun!

May wanna change it to “Hello buddies” instead my friend :slight_smile:

But I only speak French and Frenglish. :what:

Bourjou ou allo en anglais est simplement “Hello” pas “Hell Oh”. Ca veux dire quelque choese different.

Looks good !


Looks good; will add to my server with some personal tweaks, thanks!

Je peux t’aidé pour la traduction si il faut :wink:

Haha, thanks for being satisfied.

Wiiz, do you speak any other language? :v:

Aha, btw really i can help you to translate your addon :slight_smile:

use google transloator

It’s translator, and that’s the worst idea ever