Simple Dice

A pair of throwable six-sided dice. Ergo, one of the ways to decide who gets to try out black-hole-ish contraption first.

Usage: Say “!r” in chat to roll.
Extract to /addons

Cool :smiley:

uum nice lol they helped me with one thing it was to see who gets the computer for the day thanks i won :slight_smile:

Is there a way of tying what get’s rolled to actual game events?
Like if I roll a 1 nothing happens, but if I roll a 7 I get god mode for 60 seconds etc.

bump much…?

It’s not a huge bump. And it’s better than starting a new thread asking a dumb question instead of searching for existing threads.

Not a huge bump… 2 years is a pretty huge bump.

This dice is pretty awesome. I don’t remember why I didn’t download this!