Simple dome model.

Would it be possible for anyone to make me a huge holo dome sort of like this, tried using holograms but none were anywhere near the size I needed. Also preferably with an opening for a doorway at the bottom of it:

Tried making it with props but looked totally ugly with all the edges sticking out.

So you basically need a half sphere. Does the inside of the sphere need to be walkable? because making a collision model for a sphere is an extreme pain in the ass.

Yeah it does :confused:

If it was a solid half sphere, I would have made it. But with a collision model it’s too much of a pain, it literally turns a few minutes of work into up to several hours from mucking with collision pieces.

There are tools to resize props, I don’t know if it will help you.

Model clip tools:

With these, you can make a dome out of straight props and clip the parts that stick out.