Simple editing request

I found a car on that I liked, but theres a problem with the model. The bone for the divers seat is messes up and you sit with your back facing the drivers side door and you are too low to see anything. Could anyone possibly fix that for me?

I also have multiple paint colors, but none seem to work with the skin changer tool. Is that possibly an error with the model as well?

are you joking or something ???

You give us no link to this car and no reference pictures. In fact you give us nothing at all how the hell are we sup post to do anything. You haven’t even said what the car is and if you want us to pm you your sup post to tell us!!!

I don’t think vehicle entities accept the ‘Skin’ input.

As far as adjusting the view orientation goes, feel free to post a link to the model and it can be fixed.

I didn’t post a link for a reason idiot. First off, I wanted to know if it was even possible, then I was going to post a link.

Calling someone an idiot isn’t going to help get the model done. You should have posted the link in the first place though, because I’m sure someone had spare time earlier that they could have worked on it, and it would have probably been done by the time you got back now.

The problem is, idc if it takes a day or a week, I already said i wanted to know if it was possible first. Now if only people on facepunch weren’t as rude as they are, maybe I would enjoy using this forum.

In case you didn’t acknowledge it you’re the one here acting like a twat.