Simple FightYard Gamemode

Just a really simple One on One warfare that works on rounds!

You spawn with an SMG1 and a Pistol & One nade

Then you have 3 Mins to fight first one to die losses the round and if it is over 3 mins then it is a draw where both of you are killed and you re spawn

Remember that this is a 2 Player game mode!

It is really simple to make but I don’t have the time

It is just A bunch of timers, And spawn detectors!

No need for a fancy score board

Please make this!

Why can’t you learn Lua yourself? It is one of the easiest languages out there.

This. And this gamemode is VERY easy to make. Just grab gmdm and add a queue thingy so only 2 players can fight at the same time or something.

OK I will do it I was just making a map for it and wanted to test it out in gmod

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