Simple Game Mode

I’m working on a mini-gamemode that’s a holdout style. I am horrible at lua and figured that something this simple could be done quickly by the members here and i can use it to learn so comments would be nice. Anyway, my idea is that there are 2+ teams of humans that can pick a class( solider, medic, engineer) and holdout the waves of zombies in a small town and the last team with someone alive wins or when the time ends. This is the flow of the game
Spawn & Pick Team–>5min Prep. Time—>10 min round–>Repeat for 10 Rounds. First Team eliminated loses

If you could it would be cool to have the opposing teams dead become zombies that attack the other team similar to ZS. If some one could please code the base for this that would be great i can do all the sweps and mapping on my own.

Zombie Onslaught.

I’m not trying to advertise or anything, but you can try to see if there is anything like this already being made…

i don’t think you understand completely. yes zombie onslaught is very close to what i want but it isnt team based and there are no rounds and time to prepare. The infection is pretty much zombie survival with a point to get to. I want 2 teams of people like red and blue that are against each other to survive probably in to identical but separate areas on a map. Or if someone could make a simple base with 2 teams and 3 classes( engineer, soldier, medic) and for the people playing to be able and pick there class. that would be much appreciated.

Use Fretta.


Your gamemode seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to make with Fretta. It already has support for teams, classes, round based games, etc.

Ya i know. I guess i wasn’t completely clear though i tried looking at but it wasn’t much help if someone could just make like an outline of a team game with some good comments thats all i really need.


I get it. That sounds like a good idea, but you need lua programmers. Fretta would work for this, but again, you need to program it.

ya and i cant program for lua all i am asking for is like a skeleton of a basic 2 team fretta game so that i can build on top of it.

Fretta is exactly what you are talking about

i know that what i am saying is that i cant program for lua and since fretta is lua i cant program for fretta. i know a little bit but i don’t know how to start and what i want is just a plain outline of a 2 team gamemode that is empty so that i can add to it making it like i want.

If you don’t know basic lua then don’t expect to be able to code a gamemode anytime soon. simple as that.

Oh and don’t ask us to make it for you to.




I know that i need to use fretta but this was just going to be a side project but i don’t know where to start thats why i was asking for the bare bones of a simple fretta game. I was going to use this to learn fretta and it wasn’t going to be some amazing mind blowing thing but just something for me to learn from. Yes fretta is good but rather then just keep saying fretta maybe help point me at the right direction.

Check the gmod wiki for examples and tutorials.

Translation from Dumbass to English:

“Hey guys can you make me a game where I just have to type my name in and I get all the credit for making it? It’s just going to be a side project so stop telling me to learn.”

wow you really don’t get it do you. I haven’t done much with lua and to learn it would be nice to just have a place to start. im not asking for all the coding but just like how to set up the files for a fretta game because on the wiki for fretta doesn’t explain that very well. So before you go and act like a jerk maybe you could read i said base not a complete game and if you look at first post it’s a zombie gamemode in the end not a team deathmatch. I am wanting to learn lua and if i wanted someone to make this for me it would be so much simpler to just ask for it rather then deal with your crap responses.

Christ dude, is it that hard to search the wiki?
And seriously, if you need a base look at Zombie Onslaught. It has zombies and teams and shit.