Simple gestures: left click = point, right click = wave

Here’s an idea: when a player has no item equipped (is “empty handed”), when the player presses the right mouse button, they wave. When they press the left button, they point at whatever is in the center if their screen: if they’re looking up at an airdrop, other players see that player point up at the airdrop. If they’re looking down from their base at some approaching guy, other ayers see that player point at the guy. Simple for players to use, but useful. Thoughts?

In scared what kind of things people will point at…

I like this idea, although pointing weirdly brings to mind invasion of the bodysnatchers.

More motivation to craft burlap pants as soon as possible!

One of the best suggestions in a long time imho!

Yeah I have been wanting an accurate pointing animation, as well as other ones like waves and such, it they would be handy for identifying each other and telling people where stuff is.

So many times I’ll say ‘its over here/there’ and obviously people cant tell where I’m looking so it just causes confusion. A point animation would be good for this.

You could have a variety of different animations including:

  • pointing
  • waving
  • saluting
  • surrendering
  • clapping
  • winning (both fists into the air)
  • peace
    …and so on.

Just have a seperate animation-wheel bound to “Q” or whatever.
Maybe have 2 main bindings for LMB and RMB.

Haha i can imagine it now a group of a hundred players all pointing at lone player while playing a screeching sound through there mics.

… Or you could have a menu that lets you bind any of those two options to you mouse buttons, so a team could decide that their “signature guesture” is a peace sign and they can all flash it to each other quickly and easily. Also, gotta add “middle finger” to that list (it’s Rust after all).

I thought about that one too but then I thought if you flip someone off, you’re gonna get a handful of lead in your face. So basicly I thought it wouldn’t be practical. :wink:

Could add military hand signals for when you’re raiding, haha.