Simple Hack (Removing a Mask from a Character)

Well what I’m requesting is that you mister hacker, remove and make a prop out of Darth Nihilus mask.
Thats all I ask.

Link to the model.

Thanks in advantage people, I hope you can help me.

Wasn’t Darth Nihilius the one who used the force to put his ‘life force’ into his mask such that he had no body but was able to manipulate a suit such that it looked like he did?
Or was that another dark lord?

To be sincere I dont remember lol But I think it was him.
Havent played that game in years lol

Well, someone up for the challenge? I really need this :confused:

Hate to bump without content but what else can I do :v:

I still need this, could someone help me? :expressionless:

Well who’s face do you want to put on him?

I think he means he wants the mask as a prop.

Yeah pretty much this :stuck_out_tongue:

Another bump :confused: I hope that is the last one.

Pic of Darth Nihilus( model)

Ya know… actually I could use that mask for something too…
been using the Cammy White mask for a friend as a model.
This one would look a lot better.

I’ll see if I can… Have to remember how to compile a model for source, but other than that it should be fine. There might even be a separate mask model somewhere… I’d have to look through the game files.

Yay, thanks mate, Im glad you can take a look at it.
I would help you with that compiling stuff but I know jack shit about modelling/porting/ripping/hacking/compilling :confused:

Mmm… havent heard nothing from the dude above… He hasnt been online so I guess I’m still looking for someone to help me out with this one.

Last bump :confused:

Here you go.

Omg, man I love you! :smiley:
Thank you :3

No problem, glad to help. :wink:

Lilwasa; Always to the rescue at just the right time.


Small prob.
I DL’ed it.
And now I feel like a tard, I have pink n’ black.
I made sure the material files were in place and it still shows pink n’ black…

It doesn’t contain any textures, you need the original darth nihlus ragdolls textures.