(Simple Headhack) BMS Heads on Suit models?

I’m actually surprised no one’s made anything like this yet.

In asking this, I hope to bring a larger variety of ragdolls for the community.

What I’m looking for is the faces from the Black Mesa modification…

…to be applied onto one of the suited citizen addons floating around on the web.

like the suits in this example


If anyone has already made such an addon that is hidden on FP, I would appreciate if someone would direct me to it.

Back to filming for me.

bms heads are lumps of shit and no one likes them.

Can’t you just do it if it’s so simple?

No. That’s why it’s posted here.

Im just saying modeling isn’t really that simple.

I’ll take a crack at it and see what I can do.

Isn’t worth it, especially if you’re using the Suits I released as a base. In order to take advantage of the capabilities of the BMS heads (though they aren’t good), you’d either have to bonemerge or have 600 models so that each head texture could be used, because otherwise you’d have to strip down the amount of suit textures featured or split them into more models, so in either case you end up with more models with no real benefit.

I split them into 5 models and used the hacked studiomdl that allows for 64 textures per model. The heads fit right into where the HL2 heads were:


I’ll finish them off and send them out later.

Awesomesauce! Can’t wait to use it in my skit.

Oddly enough, those heads actually seem rather well-suited to the attire.

I thought they looked like bodyguards or something with the suits on. Something you’d see in an action movie where they’re the fodder that gets killed a lot.

I’m having all kinds of problems with them. Everything from the ties being all wacky to the models crashing the game or HLMV when they get loaded even without the max texture edit.

Hopefully you don’t have to remake it from scratch to finish it.

Maybe it has something to do with the body group models like the glasses, or tote bag etc.

I don’t think the models absolutely need the body groups to be useful.

You could also use sub materials

Can you set sub-materials in the .QC? That would be extremely useful.

I don’t know. Can you?