'Simple' Hexing Request

I call it simple, but I can’t do, after a whole day off restarting GMod…

I’d like the following models hexing


I’d like them hexed as the following:

male_07 - scram01
female_01 - femedic01
male_05 - engin01
male_02 - soldier
male_08 - scout01

Materials can be left as they are, I can reskin them =]

If someone could do this for me, I would greatly apprechiate it. I just feel like I have wasted 2 days :confused:

( “Do not request content from retail Source games.” - Does this mean no one would do this request for me?)

try this^ i would do it but I’m working on something else
or this^

I’ve tried both of those tutorials and yet failed miserabley :confused:

Thanks anyway =]

what happened?

I get my model hexed, but when I spawn him, it either crashes my GMod, or spawns him with no material at all… completely see through. I can only tell he’s there with the feel of the physgun. I’ve ditched the lot and restarted about 12 times now (yeah, 12 lol) and I give up =[

yea, your doing something wrong like pressing backspace or changing the length of the names, it doesn’t like you doing that, inevitibly causes it to crash (or if you did it on the materials, you get the invisible texture, though there are other ways you can make the texture invisible by mistake, but your definately doing this one ^^)

you could be also putting the model in the wrong place. that also causes it to invisible

This is my paths:

Model -


Material -


dose it say that in the .mdl to?


in the same folder do you have the .dx80 and/or .dx90, .mdl, .phy, .sw.vtx, and .vvd all with the same name

That would just cause it to be an error and not spawn, not make it invisible.



As you can see I’m holding him. All the material paths at the bottom right of the mdl (in hex) are the same as to where the material files are. I give up. Perhaps the vtf’s are saved and configured wrong. So if somecould do this for me, that would be ace.

getting closer. He’s not see through anymore… he’s pink and black!

What settings to the vtf have to be? As in all those tickboxes down the left hand side of VTFEdit. I remember sometime ago I edited a model (not a ragdoll) and that was see through till I ticked a certain box… god knows which though :confused:

You haven’t changed the texture paths to go to the new textures in the VMT files most likely.

I had no vmt files, and he was checkered. not with vmt files, hes see through again.

I’m not sure what you mean, put up the contents of one of your VMT files please. If you don’t have any VMT files you need to make some.

“$basetexture” “models/Humans/Male/scram01/citizen_sheet”

And the VTF is in “materials/models/Humans/Male/scram01/citizen_sheet.vtf”

Yea as I said before change “LightmappedGeneric” to “VertexlitGeneric” and the textures will stop being invisible.

Edit: huh, must have been somewhere else i said it :S

Aha! It worked! Although he has no head, only eye balls and the inside of his mouth :S