Simple idea for base maintenance....

I’m presuming not many people loves the idea of running around repairing their base foundations every three days or so to prevent their structures from collapsing, especially people who owns huge bases.

So I was wondering whether it won’t be possible for the dev guys to make the Building cabinet a bit more useful and give you the option to repair everything within it’s protective radius and charging you a total upkeep cost based on the overall condition of your walls , foundations , floors etc etc.

I’m sure this will promote the construction of more creative bases since you won’t need to spent so much timing running from foundation to foundation to make sure everything is in top nodge.

Anyway , just my two cents worth :slight_smile:

I like the idea.

I’m ok with the idea of having other options for repairing, however, the long term plan is to get rid of the Cupboard, which I think we are pretty much ready for now.

I do actually like this idea, but it does take away at the same time.

It wouldn’t work well at face value, because it completely removes the need to repair with a hammer and you could safely repair your entire base from well within, even while it was being shot at with rockets.

I like the idea of having something like a ‘Refresh’ button on the tool cabinet that will prevent or at least reduce decay for say 24hours on all foundations in it before they start decaying at the same current rate.

You’d still need to repair decay, but at least it wouldn’t start instantly.

It seemed to me that foundation only decay if they are on the outside of the base. That being said just place an extra ring of foundations outside the footprint of your structure and it lasts quite a long time before the walls crumble

When available, this^
A sacrificial foundation layer works great on small and medium sized bases. As for walls, I guess the new perimeter wall solves that. Do they decay?