Simple inventory?

Hello, i have a request for anyone who will fill it.

Basically what i am needing is a swep of some kind, similar to the DarkRP pocket swep that allows you to pick up any entity and prop alike
I know there used to be one but since Gmod13 came around it is obviously busted up like a red-headed step child.

But if someone can make this for me i will be very grateful and i will fill this thread with my praise of how awesome and generous you are.

…Also in addition. i highly doubt im the only person looking for such a thing. Garry’s mod has been needing something like this for a LONG time.

Thank you if you help me, even though i will probably tell you if you do. Hahah.

I don’t think anyone will do this for free.

Hmmmm, that seems like a good point but still thats getting away from the fact that its something gmod has been needing for a long time. even though its just one mesely thing, hell i’d be fucking satisfied if someone revived that addon i posted. still i’ve seen people do way more for free, so that shouldn’t be a issue if the right person comes along who isn’t a greedy fuck.

Just get the updated derpinv

dont you need darkrp for that? im still looking for something sandbox applicable.

if its not too big of an addon I’ll give it a shot, check back later today!
EDIT: I’m too derpy to figure it out… so sorry :frowning: