Simple loading screen slideshow.

Hey guys i have been experimenting with creating a slideshow of images as my loading screen and i was only lucky to have 1 script work in browser however as soon as i connected to my server there was only a bugged out white screen. I was wondering if someone could supply or help me with making a very simple slide show that will work with Gmod. I don’t need any fancy things, no buttons just a automatic and timed slideshow that will loop. Thanks!

Upload the slideshow to a site and do sv_loadingurl “http://www.sitename.whatever

Ah, yes but i still want music. I guess i could as you say use one of them “Free slideshow in 5 minutes!” things however there is always effort with embedding that crap and there is usually adverts and what so not. I have ran a server before and i have worked with HTML but i think i am missing something here, there has to be an easy way than using CSS and Javascript or Jquerry.

Don’t add music to your loading screen, you’ll piss people off.

In regards to your image slideshow, have a play around with this template perhaps.