Simple Lua Related question.

Simple Question, What the fuck does != stand for in Lua.

means not say like

if ningaglio != terabit then return false end;

means if i am not you dont do anything

it means not, ~= is the same thing, instead of checking that something is equal you just check if it is NOT equal.

what i said in other words, why do people never read if someone has answered the question befor RE subbmitting an answer even if my post explained it all and even had an example?

local What = true;
local Not = false;

if ( What != Not ) then // Or: if ( What ~= not ) then
if ( not ( What == Not ) ) then // Not sure if that would actually work…
if ( !( What == Not ) ) then // Not sure on that one either.

// if ( What isn’t equal to Not ) then < this basically.

I actually had no idea what you were talking about; Perhaps punctuation would assist you in future communication.

He’s mad because he thinks everyone is trying to steal the credit he gets for answering the question.

I thought != meant ‘Not equal to’.


Sorry didn’t read all of the thread.

Also, != and ~= are the same, but ~= is Lua specific as far as I know.

~= is the “Lua way” to do it, != is the “C way” to do it which isn’t available in standard Lua.