Simple Model Problems

I’m trying to create just a few props for a little project. I need to make a pallet that is about 6’x6’. It needs to be able to have forks go underneath it in the indentations unlike the stock gmod pallet.

I modeled one in sketchup, created the .qc file for it (kind of winged it there…), and compiled it with GUIStudioMDL. I got it to load in GMOD, but the collision model is just a rectangle and not hollow where it needs to be. Also, one side of the model is nodraw and I can’t figure out how to get a texture to load on it properly.

Here are some pictures of how it turns up in game:

Here’s what it looks like in Sketchup:

Note* I those “notched” side panels multiple pieces on purpose. When left as all one piece, sketchup drew an imaginary border around it all. I thought that was the reason for the one solid collision model. So, I separated it into 5 separate groups, which did nothing.

I tried exporting it as an .obj and importing it into Blender. I have no clue what I am doing with Blender though. I’m including a bunch of files if it helps. Everything from the sketchup plugins to the sketchup file, different formats of the model, as well as my failed compile attempt. Hopefully you can help me as I need this done fairly quickly.

I appreciate the help in advance.