Simple model request.

Hello Facepunch! Could anyone be so kind as to make a low-poly , scale bullet model ? Preferably a .357 (Only the Bullet!) and as a physics model, not static. Measurments can be found here : ( A spent .38 special case (without bullet) would be a great help aswell). Thanks.

If no one is willing to make the models from scratch, you could use these–they’re the best shell casing models I’ve seen. - I know they’re not exactly what you need, but you might be able to use them if all else fails.

Can’t help you with the bullet-only model. To my knowledge, no one’s ever made one.

Hope this helps.

There’s a simple bullet model already in HL2. Check source_models.gcf/hl2/models/weapons/w_bullet.mdl

Thanks, The skins are great, and just as good as a new model. I’ve had a look at the bullet model and I’m having a few problems with it, not sure why, so if anyone can still make just the bullet model, would be great!

Update Nm about the bullet model, I downloaded Soft-image and made it myself ( It was pretty simple ) but there’s still something I don’t know : How to make it a Physics model, rather than static.

Anyone link to a tutorial or know ?