Simple Money Mod

I’ve always wanted something simple like this, but I’ve never found out how to use LUA properly so here we go;

A simple script that lets players start of with a certain amount of money (this can be anything as I can change it myself if needed), using a text command (!give x) players can give each other money. That’s pretty much it. Very simple but quite useful.

What could be added though;

  1. Full admin control - admins can change the amount each player has and change the amount given per 1 minute interval.
  2. The option to place a money marker (on the HUD) wherever they want (using the console - eg. money_x 100, money_y 100)
  3. Ability to set costs for entities / weapons / certain props (default cost is 0)
  4. Ability to toggle this mod on or off (eg. money_active 1, money_active 0)

What should be excluded;

  1. A cost for every prop - ie. props don’t cost money unless made otherwise by an admin
  2. negative money (minimum amount of money is 0, so players can’t buy things without money, pretty obvious but there is the possible flaw of giving money even though a player has none)

This mod should be simple enough for people with a knowledge of LUA. I don’t see anything too complicated here. Thanks in advance if you decide to undertake this!

Sorry for bumping but I feel ignored, which I tend not to like. Fair enough though if it seems pointless or whatever, it would just come in handy. Ah well, I better go read a LUA book so I can learn how to do this myself.

seems like a good idea it would add realism to my games

It’s not that you’re being ignored, it’s just that this is asked almost daily and the answer is already out there. That being said doing it yourself is certainly the best way to go at it since it will be exactly what you’re looking for. :smile:

The Garry’s Mod wiki has a ton of ressources that will help you get started :

Dark RP sorta has something like this… but if you just want the money part of it, then I dunno…