Simple Money Printers - DarkRP 2.7

What Is This?
There are 4 printers that gain money at different rates and amounts. This is my first time messing with VGUI on printers.
I realize its easy to do but I decided to post it for those who cant do so.
The content is published on my steam workshop.

Steam Workshop Link:


Link Fixed.

Loving the hud… Upload to github for source if your releasing it also looks really simple add some entites… Just looks like a gui change to darkrp printers… boring!

Can you make a printer with different model? I tired of that box being over used

Ayyy atleast no exploits

Anyways looks good for first time :slight_smile:

Please stop.

Boring scripts are your specialty. I think it’s a good effort he’s done here.

Its fine guys, Thank you. I just started learning all this. LMM is just joking around. I know him.

Why do you type like Donald Trump speaks

Grrrr. Fucking DarkRP addons that already exist. It’s not only you, but please just post your screenies and shit in WAYWO.

Lol, Im working on a V2. I will update shortly. It will be unqiue.

For the love of god please use the photocopy machine model from css :frowning:

Not a bad idea. but it would be pretty hard for players who dont have/own CSS.

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Currently a work in progress. but heres V2.

Take the model and put into the addon? No css needed

Make a 3d2d box surrounding the model making it look like there’s no box that might look better not that it oooks bad just the box model is so overused

How about we leave it up to OP to do as he pleases. Also, using 3D2D contexts to create a cube is dumb, why not just create it in the 3D context.

I would prefer something bigger and louder so printing money is hard and more realistic

Found it