simple MOTD menu

i have made a simple MOTD that shows up when you join a server and when you type !motd

go to garrysmod/addons/ulx/lua/ulx/modules/cl and replace motdmenu.lua

this requires ULX

Is it hard to make another one of those Blocks that say “staff”? or do you have to draw it out and do the positioning?

like the purple and green one?


local plycheck = vgui.Create("DPanel",DFrame1)
		plycheck:SetSize(DFrame1:GetWide() - 20,20)
		plycheck.Paint = function()
			draw.RoundedBox(4,0,0,plycheck:GetWide(),plycheck:GetTall(),Color(20, 150, 20, 255))
			draw.DrawText("whatever you want","TargetID",365,3,Color(255,255,255,255))

add this on line 81

Anyway to use this with Evolve?

This looks really good in my opinion! Good job!

im not sure, havent tried evolve. but if i get time, il try it on evolve

Looks nice, very good job. I have a suggestion if you’re willing to hear it though. If you remove the “x” in the top right it would make the window look a bit more sleek. I redid my motd a few months back, and with the accept button, you really don’t need the close button. Just a suggestion. It’s easy to do, just add

DFrame1:ShowCloseButton( false )

beneath line 9, you should be good to go. Excellent job.

I think the default ULX motd is more appropriate to use due to the fact that the default motd uses an embedded html panel… The default ulx motd is much better if you know what you’re doing…

thank you, it looks much better now

Very Clean MOTD looks very nice

Mm, would it work with exsto? I kinda hate ulx.

add me on steam and il see if i can find a fix for it.