Simple problem to do with ConVars

How do I get a tool’s client number without using Self?

local testvar = tobool( self:GetClientNumber( "test_variable" ) )

I had an idea-

local testvar = tobool( GetConVarNumber( "test_variable" ) )

but I’m pretty sure that only gets the serverside var.

Someone said that if I wanted it clientside, I needed to use GetConVar without ‘Number’ at the end, but wouldn’t that still be the same? It returned a table instead of a number for me, so do I need to do something like

local testvar = tobool( GetConVar( "test_variable" ):GetClientNumber( "test_variable" ) )

Seems a bit dodgy to me. P.S.- I did post this in the ‘Problems that don’t need their own thread’ page, but nobody replied, probably because it’s too simple or I’m missing something.

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By the way, it’s for a ConCommand that relies on tool variables.

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Wait, nevermind. GetConVarNumber was right.