Simple Prop Protection Help

I was wondering how I could configure SPP so that my users can take eachothers food, and steal eachothers resources

Simple Prop Protection

i’m rather confused. do you want them to only be able to take food and resources if they are on the player’s prop protection list or do you want anybody to be able to steal food and resources?

It works if people take food or resources if they are on the prop protection list.

What i want, is so that ANYONE can steal food and resources

You’re not supposed to have a prop protection at all on Stranded.

Simple Prop Protection comes with GMStranded

No it doesn’t.

… Yes, It does

Your not very constructive to this thread… Please get out.

The official latest version of SPP is the SVN version, and I’m not seeing a Stranded gamemode inside of it.
Please link me to the SPP you downloaded which has GM Stranded.

Edit: I looked at the GMStranded thread, and it says GMStranded comes with SPP, not the other way around.
Here’s what it says:

So I’m thinking you should read the install notes.

Edit: Okay I downloaded it an read the readme, and I found no help on what to do with SPP.
You could try disabling use protection. And the screenshot on the thread shows there is a Prop Protection tab in the Q menu, so you’ll probably be able to change this admin setting there.